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'Think Yourself Thin' - Mark Stephen's Think Slim Retreat and Hypnosis program helped Dearne lose 43kg!

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Hypnocise your way to health as seen on Weekend Sunrise

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Finally control cravings, stop emotional eating and get healthy
Welcome to the official Think Slim website and congratulations on making the decision to take action on your health and fitness. If you want to shed the kilos you are in the right place. Join the thousands who have discovered the benefits of the Think Slim MP4 Pocket Therapist and the life changing retreats we run at Little Forest Health Retreat and around the country.

Think Slim covers every problem you can imagine in relation to being overweight. In the 152 video and audio sessions preloaded on Think Slim MP4 player and at the Hypnotic Lap Band Retreats we help you take control of a range of issues including beliefs, emotions, values, motivation, strategies, stress, habits and triggers. These are the real challenges to being overweight.

These are the mental components to slimming that get left out of every diet and weight loss programme.

Choose a retreat to attend or start with the Think Slim MP4 player and you want look back.

I look forward to being your motivational support person, your hypnotherapist and mind coach on your journey to your goal weight.

Yours in Slimming and Health


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Hypnocise your way to health as seen on Sunrise Weekend

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The Greatest
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Obese Man's Plea for Help
"This is a simple, inexpensive prescription that any of us can follow."
Dr Katherine Willis-Sullivan