Hypnosis helps Jordan shed 200 kilos in 2 years

Be inspired by Jordan’s Journey as he makes this incredible transformation. This a story of self-discovery and making many small changes to turn around the bad habits, depression, anxiety and negativity into a life worth living.

One day, one step, one kilo at a time

Jordan of Dulwich Hill Sydney originally tipped the scales at over 300 kilos. A weigh-bridge at the local tip had to be used as no ordinary scales would go up to his weight. It was following a week of starvation after having his tonsils removed at age nine when Jordan began to eat.”I was always feeling hungry. I started overeating and haven’t stopped” said Jordan.

All change starts in the mind. Like most of us Jordan has been carrying around a fair bit of emotional baggage and had imprisoned himself with limiting beliefs. Negative self talk is one of the most destructive things in life and one of the main reasons most people fail on a diet.

jordan1Above is picture of Jordan at the beginning of his work with Mark Stephens


Two of Jordan’s beliefs are very common with most overweight people. But after one quick therapy session those beliefs are starting to change.

“I’m not good enough”. has now become, I am worthy, I am responsible and I am more than good enough. “Why bother” has become, “I know better, I am capable, It’s worth it, I’m worth it.”

Other positive thoughts Jordan came up with during the session include:

-I’m going to fly.
-Look out the windscreen of life and not the rear view mirror.
-My future is right in front of me.

In a single day Jordan has been known to eat 10 hash browns with 2 large coffees for breakfast. Lunch could be two Big Macs, large fries and a large coke. For dinner four whopper burgers, large fries and a large coke.

Jordan uses his best sexy eyes with naturopath Hayley
The scales at a metal recyclers that confirmed
Jordan’s weight at 300 kilos
Jordan4Jordan hypnotised by Mark
Jordan4Jordan refuses custard tart
Jordan1Jordan and Mark outside
Jordan2Jordan at desk

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