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2 and 3 day Innermakeover and Time Line Therapy Retreats

After you experience a Time Line Therapy  weekend retreat you will find you can comfortably and happily consume smaller portions of food. Eating smaller portions means you start slimming down straight away. You will feel fuller sooner. Some people comment if they try to eat too much that they feel uncomfortable or even a bit sick if they continue eating once full. The entire Time Line Therapy retreat experience is very realistic. The process is also very relaxing and completely painless.

Experience the most life changing weekend of your life with leading hypnotherapist and author Mark Stephens.

WHAT IS Time Line Therapy ?

Limiting beliefs and negative emotions are two of the biggest problems keeping people stuck in the past and stopping people from reaching their goals.

Time Line Therapy(TLT) is a therapeutic process that allows you to eliminate negative or painful emotions attached to memories and events from the past. It is a fast technique with lasting transformation. It is a relatively painless process that helps you clear the past.

Limiting beliefs like; I’m not good enough, I’ll do it later and it’s too hard are eliminated from your unconscious mind.  Anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt is also released.


Download Weight Loss retreat brochure

Download Weight Loss retreat brochure

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Dates Rates (per person) Availability
(Including Hypno-Sleeve and Hypnotic Lap Band Hypnosis sessions)*
Saturday Apr 28 2018 – Monday April 30 2018 – Single $1495.00 BUY NOW
Saturday Apr 28 2018 – Monday April 30 2018 – Share $995.00 BUY NOW
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(Including Hypno-Sleeve and Hypnotic Lap Band Hypnosis sessions)* )
Location Date Price
Mercure Grosvernor on North Terrace
125 North Terrace, Adelaide SA
Call (08) 8407 8888
April 7 – 8 2018
1 person $495.00
2 people $795.00
3 people $995.00
Royal on the Park
Corner Alice and Albert Streets Brisbane
Call (07) 3221 341
April 21 – 22 2018
1 person $495.00
2 people $795.00
3 people $995.00
The Vibe

111 Goulburn St, Sydney
Call  (02) 8272 3300
May 5 – 6  2018
1 person $495.00
2 people $795.00
3 people $995.00
Mercure Treasury Gardens CBD
13 Spring Street Melbourne
Call (03) 9205 9999
May 12 – 13 2018
1 person $495.00
2 people $795.00
3 people $995.00
Adina Apartment Hotel
33 Mounts Bay Road, Perth
Call (08) 9217 8000
May 19 – 20 2018
1 person $495.00
2 people $795.00
3 people $995.00

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The retreat offers a variety of meals while catering to all allergies or food preference such as vegetarian. All food and juices are 100% organic. Throughout the day delicious juices and smoothies are provided to keep you energised.

The Innermakeover and Time Line Therapy Weekend Retreats at  Little Forest  includes:

  • All meals
  • Accommodation.
  • All hypnosis sessions
  • All therapy sessions
  • For Interstate travellers (mini bus transfers to and from the airport to retreat if flying in – mini bus departs Sydney at 9am and on the trip home arrives back at the airport from the retreat at 5.30pm)


The Innermakeover and Time Line Therapy Weekend Retreats in Capital Cities and regions:
If you only have two days and are ready to get on track with Changing your bad habits and starting making your health a priority this is the retreat for you. Weekend Interstate retreats start at 9am and finish at 5pm both days.The Weekend includes:

  • 16 action packed hours of motivation and coaching
  • Hypno-Sleeve/Hypnotic Lap Band session.
  • Time Line Therapy
  • 17 Hypnosis sessions during the weekend
  • Pain Healing Hypnosis
  • Goal Setting and Action Plan
  • Tai Chi and Chi Kung for de-stressing
  • Recipes and Meal Plans and much more
  • Light wrap for lunch provided

You will discover exactly what you need to do physically, mentally and emotionally, to make the changes you need to make to get the successful results you want. Be inspired, be motivated, be hypnotised.

During 17 hypnosis sessions and more than a dozen motivation sessions in one weekend you will learn how to:

  • Eliminate cravings
  • Control portions
  • Feel motivated to be active
  • Reprogram negative thought patterns
  • Control emotional eating

The information below relates to retreats run at Little Forest. No accommodation is provided for other retreats

Escape the ordinary in a place like no other!

  1. 100km of ocean coastline views
  2. 8ks drive to picturesque historic Milton
  3. 14 acres of scenic preservation property
  4. 5 acres of rain forest walk
  5. Full size tennis court on property
  6. Function room with a working  wood fire place

little forest

Little Forest Health Retreat is located a thousand feet above sea level on 14 peaceful acres overlooking the historic village of Milton. The rainforest walk is a great place to escape the pace of the world. The viewing platform has one of the best views on the east coast of Australia and is the perfect place to sit and relax or meditate.

The magic and beauty of Little Forest will be remembered for years to come.

Accommodation and Facilities

13 well appointed motel rooms are made up with linen, have ensuite bathrooms, reverse cycle air-conditioning, tea/coffee making facilities, bar fridge and ground floor access.


Retreat room
Retreat room

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The Hypno-Sleeve/Hypnotic Lap Band session hypnosis session

The actual hypnosis script for the Hypno-Sleeve/Hypnotic Lap Band  was written with the help of an experienced nurse who had assisted on thousands of actual Sleeve/Lap Band surgeries. This is accurate. You will feel like you have had a lap band.

The Hypno-Sleeve/Hypnotic Lap Band  hypnosis session has you imagine you are being wheeled in to an operating theatre. You then imagine you are being administered a general anaesthetic and once you have entered a trance state the imaginary surgery is performed.

Think and shrink your weight away at the Hypnotic Lap Band Weekend and take control of your eating.

After the Hypno-Sleeve/Hypnotic Lap Band hypnosis session you will:

  • Be satisfied with smaller amounts.
  • Feel fuller sooner
  • Choose healthy foods naturally.
  • Easily say no to junk food.
  • Be motivated to be more active
  • Burn the fat and get in shape.

You could spend up to $15,000 on actual Lap Band surgery and not be guaranteed success. A number of people who have attended the retreat had failed with the Lap Band. Rest assured though it was not the band (in most cases) that failed. The real Lap Band surgery does work for many people. The most important thing however that any body who succeeds with any diet, weight loss program or even with weight loss surgery is that they get their mind set right.

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“The Hypnotic Lap Band session is scarily real and amazingly effective.”

“You feel like you are not hungry straight away! Little Forest Health Retreat is the most beautiful, amazing, wonderful place I’ve ever been to. Everyone should go there at least once in their life! The hypnosis and sessions with Mark are Life-changing and soul revitalising. Don’t waste your money on quick fix “diets”- save your money and go to one of these- it will change your life! – Carole-Ann Kerford

Thank you Mark for a wonderful weekend . I enjoyed every part of it. Apart from being great value for money ,the sessions were all so amazing .I can’t believe how positive I feel about reaching my goal .I can’t explain how I feel (almost feel on a high ) but I am certainly not hungry . I feel energised and enjoying listening to the MP4 player and reading the book . It is great reading and I find it reinforces all the steps to reach my goal. I will highly recommend your sessions to anyone wanting to release weight and feel happy and healthy . I have released 5kgs so far and am applying what I got from the weekend to other aspects of my life .
Maryanne Burk
“My dinner last night would have been a 1/4 of what I would have normally eaten and this morning I haven’t had breakfast and its 11.30, been up for hours and I am still not hungry. AMAZING.”
Cathy Bruton
Three weeks have passed since I came home and I am 68kg and I feel fantastic! I learned during the retreat that it is never late for a life change. We just have to reprogram our brain. Thanks for everything.”
Aniko Bana
“I walked into a lolly shop yesterday to buy a little treat for my boys I felt physically sick and got them a little toy instead. The Lap band session was so real and doing it again today on the MP4 player just reinforced it. I also loved the other sessions. Who would have thought to get rid of years of anger could be so easy? I think my 2 and 1/2 year old said it all: “Mummy your big blue eyes are shiny” I haven’t shined for years and I am ready to shine again.”
- Katie Tucker
“The meals, the juices, the accommodation, the pool, the rainforest, the company… I can’t put into words how great everything was. From the moment I drove up the winding country road I could feel the fresh air, see the green grass – so inviting, the cows calmly going about their day in the paddocks, butterflies floating by. This is the best kept secret of the South Coast, so close to everything but so far away from the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Just to be able to grab a book and lie on the grass under a tree or stretched out on a lounge next to the fire place, now that’s relaxing.

My daughter questioned on my return as to why I was speaking so softly and calmly – she said it wasn’t normal and it was freaking her out. My response was ‘get used to it’….. thanks so much. ”

Karen Every
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Or call us on 1300 76 00 73 to speak to a representative.

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