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RadioLIVE NZ interview with Mark Stephens and Joanne Gibson 29th April 2017

Joanne Gibson, 63-year-old Australian mother WAS in NZ for the World Masters Games 2017 which she completed successfully. She credits hypnotherapy for helping her lose a staggering 59 kilos! Carly Flynn of RadioLIVE has a chat with her just before she hit the start line of her first ever triathlon.
Joanne Gibson - Mark Stephens
Listen to the interview here – click here

NZ Herald article 26th April 2017

World Masters Games: Hypnotherapy weight-loss inspires triathlon effort by Australian mum, Joanne Gibson.
Joanne Gibson - Mark Stephens
Read the NZ Herald article – click here

Channel 9 Today Extra Easter Monday April 17 2017

Beating Chocolate Addiction through hypnotherapy. Hollie kicked the chocolate habit with hypnosis and loses 7 kilos in 6 weeks

Today Extra April 2017 Beating Chocolate Addiction

Click here to view the episode on Today Extra with Mark and Hollie about beating Hollie’s chocolate addiction.

Channel 7 Sunrise Easter Sunday April 16 2017

Hypnosis can help you lose weight. Joanne used hypnotherapy with Mark Stephens to loose 58 kilograms.


Click here to watch full video with Mark and Joanne on Sunrise

Channel 9 Today January 2017

Using mind power to achieve your new year’s resolutions.


Click here to watch Today episode with Mark Stephens January 2017


As seen on Channel 9 Today Extra February 2017 – Digital Dependence

– Mark’s Top Tips to beating Phone Addiction or Social Media addiction include: click here

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Talking Lifestyle Radio Program

Mark Stephens is on with Jono Coleman on Talking Lifestyle 954’s Staying Well program every Wednesday night from 10.15pm (AEST). (Talking Lifestyle is the original 2UE in Sydney, 3EE in Melbourne and 4BH in Brisbane or you can listen watch the live webcam wherever you are).


Jonathon Coleman was joined in the studio by Mark Stephens talking about ways we can deal with our emotions.

Link here to the program website or see our embedded audio link below.

Audio here :

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Hypnotherapist Mark Stephens top tips for curing an addiction.

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Can Hypnotherapy Help With Body Image?

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Does hypnotherapy really help with addictions and weight loss.

Feb 11 program:
Hypnotherapist Mark Stephens talks stress relief.

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