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Radio 2UE – “Staying Well with David Prior


On January 11 2017, I chatted with David Prior on 2UE about the fear of Friday the 13th.

We also be talked about phobias in general and I discussed the fear of losing weight. Listen to the program click by clicking below.

Read more about the fear of dieting and

As seen on Sunrise, January 16, 2013

300kg man slims down: Sunrise checks in on Sydney's heaviest man to see how his weight loss journey is going.

Giant Jordan Tirekidis faced a case of diet or die

At a whopping 300kg, Jordan Tirekidis was warned to lose weight or lose his life. Nine months later, Mr. Tirekidis is 65kg lighter - with the help of a hypnotist - and now wants to be a personal trainer.

As featured in “Woman’s Day” magazine November 2014

He's lost two thirds of his bodyweight, now Jordan is looking for his other half.