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An interview with Adro Sarnelli Winner of The Biggest Loser 2017-08-01T18:02:46+00:00

An interview with Adro Sarnelli Winner of The Biggest Loser


“This program is absolutely brilliant because it actually helps people to change from the inside”

The biggest challenges for most people is negative self- talk within themselves and not having faith in the fact that we have the power to reach our own destinies. I think it’s more the fact that people underestimate the possibility of having emotion problems or baggage that holds us back from actually giving it a fair go. A lot of people don’t realise that it’s so much more than just getting the right or the wrong diet and exercise plan.

How many people say “I’m going to go on an emotional diet.” They don’t! They say “I’m going to go on a food diet” that’s all they do they don’t ever consider there could be emotional problems that need working on.

I think tackling the emotional side is the most important factor in losing weight or maintaining successful weight-loss. For me, I know if I didn’t tackle any of my emotional or psychological baggage that I would definitely not be in the shape that I’m in 12 months after winning “the biggest loser”.

I think the think slim MP4 player is fantastic, I have listened to a fair bit of it, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I have tackled my emotional problems, but it’s not just something you can just tackle once and then leave alone, so having the MP4 player with me is brilliant. I pack it with me everywhere I go and because it’s so tiny, it’s so easy to just keep in my pocket and have it with me at any stage to just use when it need it.

Adro Sarnelli on the Think Slim book
I love the fact that the book explains what it’s trying to achieve and how it does it. One of the biggest things that contributed to my success in weight loss is that I understood exactly why it was that I was going on a diet why it was that I was exercising, and I love that the book explains why it is that I’m choosing to conquer my emotional baggage and how, it explains hypnotherapy and the other therapies covered in the book and in the bonus MP4 hypnosis session.

I think the Think Slim book which is “the key to making any diet work” will hit the target every time because the thing with all those big diets, Atkins, Sure slim, Weight Watchers, CSIRO, etc. is that none of them work unless you make them work, and the Think Slim program as well as the book, works on the person doing the diet and making them believe that it’s possible. The beauty of it is, it doesn’t matter what diet the person is on this is all about dieting the mind which none of those other programs choose to touch on.

I think that this program is absolutely brilliant because it actually helps people to change from the inside. Any body can be told stop eating more take-away, do more exercise, and don’t eat chocolate, they will lose weight, but it’s what happens in the mind through everything else that we can learn through Think Slim as well as our own emotional journeys that really makes that stick.

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