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Mornings: Lap Band Hypnosis 2017-08-01T18:03:09+00:00

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She was on her way to an early death
before she met Mark Stephens

Dearne McAndrews is one woman who knows the sugar cravings far too well. Her chocolate and sugar addiction were driving her into an early death until she discovered hypnotherapist, Mark Stephens.

This is from an article featured on Mornings on Channel 9 on April 7 2015.

It’s hard to believe, but Australians spent $185 million on chocolate this Easter. So it’s no wonder, after the inevitable Easter excess, that many are swearing off chocolate and sugar.
Weighing in at 115 kilograms Dearne checked into Mark’s Hypnotic retreat to undergo Lap Band Hypnosis, a process where patients are tricked into thinking they have undergone the real thing.

The system utilises the concept of ‘hypnotic lap band’ and role plays the whole surgery right down to the instruments and smell. Mark explains, At the retreat we hold a session where everyone comes out and lies down. I come out in full medical scrubs…we spray surgical serum around the room, we have a heart rate monitor going in the background and then we run through the hypnosis session that then has the positive suggestions.”
Although it may sound crazy the results speak for themselves.

Dearne lost 38 kilograms on Mark’s hypnotherapy plan which she believes has totally changed her views on food and exercise.
“It’s changed the way I feel about myself,” she said.
“It’s changed my activity, I didn’t do any exercise for over six years and now I do exercise every day and love it. It has put balance in my life instead of excess.”

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