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Jordan of Dulwich Hill Sydney originally tipped the scales at over 300 kilos. A weigh-bridge at the local tip had to be used as no ordinary scales would go up to his weight. It was following a week of starvation after having his tonsils removed at age nine when Jordan began to eat.”I was always feeling hungry. I started overeating and haven’t stopped” said Jordan.

So how did a healthy young boy grow into one of the country’s fattest people. How did a happy go lucky kid end up with depression, anxiety and a host of health issues too long to list? How did Jordan Tirekidis end up eating in a single day up to:

  • 20 hash browns for breakfast
  • 8 burgers with 4 fries for lunch
  • 30 Greek desserts or 12 family blocks of chocolate as an afternoon snack.
  • 4 Hungry Jack Meal Deals on the way home after the family dinner.
  • 2 family pizzas washed down with a 1.5 litre Coke
  • 12-18 mini magnums as a midnight snack.

See how Jordan turned his life around

Now you can take Jordan’s journey, too

The Greatest Weight Loss Story Ever Told

Jordan’s Story was documented on A Current Affair on November 17 2014.

As a doctor, I am astonished by what Jordan and his team have achieved naturally. Jordan didn’t resort to magic pills or potions, or expensive surgery to shrink his stomach. He attacked his problems head on with the very best medicine of all—clear goals, a healthy mindset, nutritious food, exercise, determination, and perseverance. This is a simple, inexpensive prescription that any of us can follow. I am sure you will find Jordan’s story as inspirational as I have.
Dr Katherine Willis-Sullivan
“I have spent time with Jordan through his journey under Mark’s expert guidance while at Little Forest Health Retreat. The changes have been nothing short of remarkable. This book is an inspirational long-term study with proven timeless tools, systems, techniques and strategies anyone can apply to make transformational change in their life. Mark’s body of work, encapsulated in this book, can help make your mind and body work, for years to come. You owe it to yourself, your family and generations to come to have access to this modern day wisdom.”

Ian Hutchinson, B.Bus, Grad.Dip.Psy, CSP, Lifestyle Strategist
The battle with weight loss is mostly psychological and in Think Slim all these challenges are addressed. Think Slim really is weight loss for the mind and is very clever indeed. I think it’s an excellent system.
Dr Neil, Director Sydney Medical Weight Loss Centre
THANK YOU. Thank you Mark. You inspire everyone with your honesty and directness and just the right amount of kindness and understanding. Without Changing what’s going on in one’s head one will never lose weight or turn one’s life around about anything.. There isn’t anywhere else in Australia offering what you offer Mark, and you’re changing lives and marriages and families…. For the better. My whole attitude to food has changed. I’m not dieting but choosing to eat healthy. More importantly my whole attitude to life has changed. I feel you have given me something none of the numerous doctors I’ve seen could. You’ve given me hope for the future. I haven’t had soft drink, coffee, milk or sweets and don’t miss them at all. I feel fantastic. I’m now listening to your MP4 recordings while on my walk every morning. I honestly believe you saved my life
Judi Riley

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